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I specialize in providing a broad range of musical entertainment to the Club, Hotel and Corporate markets. I am available as a guitar/vocal One Man Band (with as simple or big & phat a sound as required), or I can provide duos or bands  comprising some of Sydney's finest musicians & singers. Solo, duo or bands are available for requirements in areas such as Hornsby, Northern Sydney, Parramatta, Central Coast, Gosford to Newcastle, Western Sydney, Sydney CBD,  the Eastern Suburbs, Southern Sydney and pretty much wherever you want great music in Australia.

A few important things to know about solo performers:

  • If you want a live act, then ensure it is live, and not just someone sitting behind a keyboard or pretending to play a guitar while actually hitting the “play” button on computerized tracks

  • I am a guitarist who sings. I can play guitar like Santana, Clapton, Hendrix, Angus etc. I only use minimalist Bass/Keyboards/Drum backing tracks because (like the original recording)they are there as a backdrop.. The main parts of that song are being sung & played live

  • Live performances are something people go to hear and experience, recorded music is what they listen to at home.

To hear the difference, there are some sample tracks, all recorded in one take, at home, just as you will experience at your function. Click above tab - Sample Music

Choose your style or give me the tracks you want me to play:

As well as the commonly played standards, there are great- but rarely played Australian hits of the 70's & 80's from Billy Thorpe, Paul Kelly, Richard Clapton, Spectrum, La De Da's, Daddy Cool, Cold Chisel, AC/DC. Plenty of Beatles, Elvis, Stones, Clapton, Diamond, Creedence, etc. with a few choice hits from Billy Joel, Travelling Wilburys, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison, The Doors, Santana; even laid back hits from Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Bob Dylan and some of the great Jazz and Blues Standards by Joe Cocker, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix etc., plus Country Classics like The Gambler, Ring of Fire, Wichita Lineman etc. I can also quickly learn any specific material for special occasions.

For an alphabetical list of popular tracks, see above tab - Set List.